Fez Local Family tour

In Fez Local Family tour We will start our journey by a quick tour to the Old Medina of Fez, one of the oldest Medinas in Morocco and the biggest walled city in the Arab world. Dating back to the 8th century, Fez was the industrial capital of North Africa, which Caravans used to cross the desert and the Mediterranean Ocean shipping goods from it to the rest of the world. Among the products Fes was exporting are Leather, pottery, and salted food. Most of the families living residing in the old medina are maintaining the same culture of handicrafts that they inherited from generations to generations. We received an invitation for lunch with one of these families.
After the tour to the old medina, we will head to the house of the Family as we are invited for lunch. Once we enter the house of the family, we will notice a culture hospitalization as well as the spirit of serving people that sustained for centuries ago. This experience will help us plunge deeper into the Moroccan Culinary art as well as the culture of hosting people. It will be a beautiful combination between the past, the present and the bright future seen in the eyes of children. Upon our arrival, the family will serve us tea with some Moroccan homemade sweets as tradition goes. This will be our resting break after the tour in the old medina. Moroccans love warm tea joined with warm discussions; we will be describing the places we passed through in the Medina. The Family will tell us popular stories about most of those places and we will discover that every corner and street has a story to tell, some of the stories are dating back the time of constructing the Medina. The setting of Moroccan dining room is fascinating. The mosaics, the curtains, as well as the Moroccan traditional couches give an impression of royalty. Every family has a dining room in the same style. Then, we will join the family to attend the final steps in preparing the meal as they will passionately explain all the steps that we might have missed while preparing it.
After a warm and lovely discussion, our lunch ritual starts.The family will explain the Moroccan etiquettes, which are very simple and modest. We will be served to wash our hands with a pot of warm water and a fancy metal bucket. We will gather on a round table with a loving family atmosphere. The warm smiles, delicacy of the food as well as the serving spirit will be unforgettable, besides, the dessert will be fresh fruits of the season and the side salads will be a beautiful combination of refreshing tomatoes and cucumber as well as others that will give us a spicy taste of the century old Moroccan recipes.
After this lovely lunch, our next experience will be full of royalty. We will pay a visit to the royal palace, the oldest in Morocco and contains 7 stunning gates for their meticulous and impressing handwork. The Mullah or the Jewish quarter is next to the Royal Palace; it dates back to the 14th century and was built side by side the royal palace to protect the Canaanites from rebel attacks. The power to protect this minority was a symbol of power of the past and the current dynasty during the middle ages and in times of war. Ibn Danan Synagogue, one of the oldest in North Africa, will have a chance to impress us with its ancient architecture built in the 17th century, which is added to the World monuments watch list in 1996. Our next step will be in the fascinating panoramic view over the Medina on the northern hill. the tower built on this hill serves as a surveillance tower protecting the Medina from any foreign invasion.
Join us in this experience to dive deeper into the Moroccan culture. The royalty and the hospitality of the family will be unforgettable. Do not hesitate and book your seat in our cultural caravan.

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up hotel/riad
  • Drop-off point hotel/riad
  • Professional driver
  • Professional local Guide
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.