Fez middle atlas day Trip

Our Fez to Middle Atlas day trip will be unforgettable. To start our journey, we will meet our professional driver in the lobby of your accommodation on an already appointed time. The scenery to the middle Atlas is breathtaking. Our first stop in this excursion will be in Sefrou. Upon our arrival to, we will notice the river dividing it in two banks, and the small bridges linking it give an impression of continuum of time and space. The architecture is ornamented by decorations from all the centuries amassed in the medina.
The century old culture of tolerance makes its prints by the footsteps of Arabs, Amazigh, and the Jewish populations settled in this small town. The lined shops and bazaars show an unprecedented sign of a fortune that this small medina had long maintained. This day-trip will give us a clear vision on how Moroccans have lived together with full integrity. Most of the streets in this relatively old medina are stuffed with houses dating back to the early 10th century, and maintains a tradition of celebrating the season of cherries in a festival since 1920. This festival is seen as the oldest in modern Morocco and locals celebrate it by electing a beauty queen chosen by a local jury.
Our journey includes Bhalil, a small charming village in the Atlas. Its relatively calm atmosphere, fresh air and outstanding natural views that surround this village seem to be an escape from Fez. They invite us to stay there forever since this simplicity of life they offer is tempting. Some people did and settled in cave houses. This simplicity of life they offer is tempting. our excursion in this village ends by the sightseeing of the caves, hoping that we are not convinced to stay, so that our drive continues with us to Ifran. It is known in Morocco as the Swiss village lost in the jungle of Morocco. French architects designed this city during the 1930s. It resembles to the small clean cities of the Alps. The royal family as well as the government gives it a special consideration keeping it clean and organized for visitors especially Moroccans.
Lunch will be typically Amazigh (Berber) as a recommendation, and we can choose its timing, for a good flexibility of the trip. It will be in a restaurant with a beautiful view on the natural scenery of the Atlas. Our last stop will be in Azrou, a city surrounded Azrou. by Cedar trees surround this city. Upon our arrival, we will have a close look at the Barbarian apes, and get a great glimpse on the lakes, high cedar forests and the white peeks of the Atlas Mountains. The Minarets in the villages surrounding it stand stout in a guardian-like figure watching over them.
Our fez to Middle Atlas day trip ends in Azrou. Our professional driver will drives us back to Fez. He will drive you to your accommodation or the Airport.
Do not miss this opportunity to uncover the mystics of Moroccan Mountains and book your seat with us.

  • Private Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up hotel/riad
  • Drop-off point hotel/riad
  • Professional driver
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.