Moroccan Hammam Fes Spa Experience

Our professional driver will meet you in the lobby of your accommodation on the time previously appointed. Our Moroccan Hammam Fez SPA experience will start by a short explanation about Morocco’s natural beauty products which can be used by both genders. These products are mainly Henna, ElGhassoul, Moroccan Black Soap, Chamomile, Clay Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Special Moroccan Comb, La’ker Fassi, and many other products used for the same purpose. Every Moroccan Family go to a Hammam each weekend, because it is a part of the collective culture since the 10th century, a culture that passed to Andalucía until the fall of the last Emirate.
We will enter our Hammam, which has good quality equipment and mesmerizing mosaics. The Moroccan Hammam usually has 3 rooms beside one more for dressing. The first room is the hottest one of the three, where to moister with the Black Soap. It will, with the heat, soften our skins, and we will simply lay and rinse in it nearly 30 minutes, as Moroccans usually do. In the same room, we will use essential oils such as Argan Oil and enjoy a relaxing massage with all the health benefits it offers such as improving blood circulation and removing stress; it is historically used as a painkiller especially for backache and muscle tone. In the last room, which is normally less warm than the other ones, we will have an herbal steam bath, herbs that are locally harvested and picked from nearby mountains. In general, this bath is excellent to decrease anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Modern products such as Shampoo had broken the static envolvement of the Hammam’s ritual, which is centuries old and passed through the past generations. After we finish our Hammam experience we will have some orange juice, Moroccan patisserie and mint tea as every Moroccan does after Hammam. Our last activity will be a tour by car around Avenue Hassan II Boulevard in the new city. For flexibility purposes, we can have a coffee break in a café next to its marvelous red floors and fountains if we chose to. Then, we will drop you off to your accommodation.

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up hotel/riad
  • Drop-off point hotel/riad
  • Professional driver
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.